Dear Traveller,


Coorg, known as the Scotland of India, awaits to pamper your body, mind and soul. As we await to get back to our normal lives, here's a great way to start the process while your safety is assured.


Amidst a pristine and large plantation, listen to the quietness in the air. Interrupted more than just briefly by the call of hornbills, leaves dancing to the gentle breeze or the occasional sprint of our resident porcupines.

Fascinate yourself with mist gently floating through the deep valley below, and tickle your taste buds with authentic spices. Smell Coffee in the air.


Imbibe this magical environment into your heart, and when you look out for yourself, you'll be surprised to find you in peace, enjoying the company of nature. And in the end say,
'What a wonderful world'!

Why not retreat from life for once and give yourself a chance to boost your energy levels to take challenges on your chin.


The Porcupine Castle and The Soulful Exploration invite you to a 7-day

Forest Retreat -

in the vast expanse of Mother Nature, to help

discover your Zen Moments.


is an exclusive retreat program that

aims to help you reconnect with your inner self. To help align your body, mind and soul with your heart. Using larger than life experiences in the lap of verdant nature and learning with experts who will train you to seamlessly blend all your senses. Life thus becomes a celebration.


Look forward to welcoming you soon.